Saco Chiclet Keyboard Skin for Lenovo G50-30 Consumer Laptop 15.6-inch Laptop – Transparent

Price: ₹900 - ₹373.00
(as of Feb 17,2023 18:17:58 UTC – Details)

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It is made of premium high quality silicone rubber material. Simple installation, stays on keyboard directly without paste or cut unlike the universal keyboard which falls out every time. Maintains natural typing feel, soft on fingers. Removable and washable, works effectively to prevent germ spread. Prevents the keys from general wear and tear caused by everyday use. Translucent material that allows back light to shine through (except full black) this feature is supported in clear and black with clear models
Fit for These Models

  • Lenovo-B 50, Lenovo-B 50 45, Lenovo-B 50 50, Lenovo-B 50 80, Lenovo-B570, Lenovo-B575
  • Lenovo-G50, Lenovo-G50 30, Lenovo-G50 45, Lenovo-G50 70, Lenovo-G50 80, Lenovo-G 70, Lenovo-G500, Lenovo-G500s, Lenovo-G505, Lenovo-G505s, Lenovo-G510, Lenovo-G570, Lenovo-G575, Lenovo-G580, Lenovo-G585, Lenovo-G700, Lenovo-G710, Lenovo-G770, Lenovo-G780
  • Lenovo-N580, Lenovo-N585
  • Lenovo-P500, Lenovo-P580
  • Lenovo-S510, Lenovo-S510p
  • Lenovo-U510, Lenovo-U530
  • Lenovo-Y50, Lenovo-Y70, Lenovo-Y50 70, Lenovo-Y500, Lenovo-Y510p, Lenovo-Y570, Lenovo-Y570d, Lenovo-Y580, Lenovo-Y700
  • Lenovo-Z50, Lenovo-Z51, Lenovo-Z51 70, Lenovo-Z70, Lenovo-Z500, Lenovo-Z500a, Lenovo-Z510, Lenovo-Z510p, Lenovo-Z560, Lenovo-Z565, Lenovo-Z570, Lenovo-Z580, Lenovo-Z585, Lenovo-Z710
  • Lenovo Ideapad-100 15, Lenovo Ideapad-300 15isk, Lenovo Ideapad-300 15ibr, Lenovo Ideapad-350, Lenovo Ideapad-500, Lenovo Ideapad-S510, Lenovo Ideapad-Z500a, Lenovo Ideapad-Z510p, Lenovo Ideapad-Z560, Lenovo Ideapad-Z565, Lenovo Ideapad-Z570, Lenovo Ideapad-Z580, Lenovo Ideapad-Z585, Lenovo Ideapad-700, Lenovo Ideapad-Z710
  • Lenovo-Flex2, Lenovo-Flex 3, Lenovo-Flex 15 (15.6 Inch)